What is Fantasy Football?

Fantasy Football is a game where participants, known as “owners,” draft real-world NFL players to form a team. The performance of these players in actual games determines the points scored by each fantasy team.

How do I join a Fantasy Football league?

You can join a league by signing up on fantasy football websites such as ESPN, Yahoo Sports, or NFL Fantasy, or by creating a private league with friends or colleagues. There are both free and paid leagues available.

What are the types of Fantasy Football leagues?

Standard Leagues: Use traditional scoring rules and rosters.

PPR (Points Per Reception) Leagues: Players receive points for each catch, enhancing the value of wide receivers and catching backs.

Dynasty Leagues: Focus on long-term management, where you keep most or all of your players from year to year.

Keeper Leagues: A hybrid of standard and dynasty leagues, where you keep a limited number of players for the next season.

IDP (Individual Defensive Players) Leagues: Instead of using team defenses, you draft individual defensive players.

How does the draft work?

Drafts can be live or automated and come in different formats, including snake drafts (order reverses each round) and auction drafts (players are bid on rather than drafted in order). Your strategy will depend on the draft type.

Managing Your Team

How do I score points?

Points are scored based on the real-life performances of your players in categories such as touchdowns, yards gained, receptions, and more. The exact scoring system varies by league.

What is a waiver wire?

The waiver wire is a system for acquiring free agents (players who are not on a fantasy team). Owners can place claims on unowned players, with the order typically based on standings or a rotating priority list.

How do trades work in Fantasy Football?

Owners can propose trades of players to other teams. Trades are usually subject to a review period by other league members or a commissioner to ensure fairness.


What are some common fantasy football strategies?

Value-Based Drafting (VBD): Drafting players based on their projected value over a replacement player at the same position.

Streaming: Rotating players based on matchups, especially for positions like defense and kicker.

Handcuffing: Drafting the backup of your star players to protect against injury.

Zero RB Strategy: Waiting until the later rounds to draft running backs, focusing on other positions early.

What if there is a dispute in the league?

Most leagues have a commissioner who makes the final decision on disputes. It’s essential to have clear rules laid out before the season starts to minimize conflicts.

How can I improve my team during the season?

Stay active on the waiver wire, propose trades, and adjust your lineup based on matchups and player performances. Keeping an eye on player news and injuries is also crucial.

Additional Resources

Where can I find more information and advice on Fantasy Football?

Websites like ESPN, Yahoo Sports, and NFL Fantasy provide articles, player rankings, and forums for discussion. Podcasts and social media are also great resources for tips and player news.